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Home Remedy for Skin Tag Removal


Many people today are choosing to go with a home remedy for skin tag removal and for good reason. Going to the doctor to have a skin tag removed can easily run into the hundreds of dollars. That is a lot of money to pay for something that really is not a medical issue. No one really knows why some people grow skin tags; it is thought that there is a genetic predisposition for developing them. There is nothing that you can do to prevent them. The only course of action is to have them removed, of to try a home remedy for skin tag removal.


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Nothing ventured, nothing gained is a very true statement. If you have a skin tag, and you want to get rid of it, trying to get rid of it at home will save you time and money. There are several really good options that have worked wonders for most people that have tried them. The first rule of thumb with any home remedy is that it should not cause more harm than good, when you chooses a home remedy for skin tag removal keep in mind where the skin tag is and whether or not it is in an area that you should or should not put chemicals in or around, like the eyes. The area around the eyes is very sensitive because the skin is so thin, so keep this in mind as you read through the home remedies.



Suffocate It


The skin tag depends on a supply of blood from the skin, a great home remedy for skin tag removal involves cutting off the blood supply to the skin tag so that it will shrivel up, die and fall off.


You can suffocate your skin tag in a few different ways. You can use a string to tie it off at the base, you can cover it up with a piece of duct tape or a band aid or- this sounds strange- paint it with finger nail polish. In each case the goal is to cut off the blood supply so that the skin tag will fall off. Of the aforementioned methods the string tied around the base or stem is the most effective method.



Burn it Off


A home remedy for skin tag removal that is very effective is to pain the skin tag a couple of times a day with vinegar. The acidic effect of the vinegar will wear away the skin tag over time, usually two to three weeks. Never use this remedy around the eyes.


A paste of baking soda and castor oil also will work. Simply prepare a paste that is a bit pliable and paint your skin tag with it.  Do not use this remedy around the eyes either.



Cut It Off


The most effective and quickest home remedy for skin tag removal is to just snip it off. Tie off the skin tag with a piece of string than cut either with a nail clipper that has been disinfected or with a pair of scissors that has been disinfected right above the string. There is likely to be some bleeding at the site so have some antiseptic on hand and a clean gauze pad to apply a bit of pressure.


On the up side of things once you get rid of the skin tag it will not grow back. A home remedy for skin tag removal is a great way to save some money and get rid of that unsightly tag.


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Skin Tag Removal Home Remedy  


There are many skin tag removal home remedy options some are much more effective than others. Skin tags are little tear shaped outgrowths of skin they are harmless but can be a bit uncomfortable depending on the location of the skin tag. 


For example skin tags that are located where clothing will rub them or where folds of skin will rub them can be a huge irritant. Most people simply find them unsightly and just want them gone whether they cause them irritation or not. 




You can always go tot he doctor to have a skin tag removed. This is the most expensive way to remove a skin tag. You can expect to pay hundreds of dollars to remove a skin tag at a medical professionals office. 


There are plenty of over the counter preparations that you can use to safely remove them at home, but you can also try a skin tag removal home remedy that will cost you zero out of pocket expense. 


One of the easiest ways to treat and remove a skin tag at home is to “tie it off”. To tie off a skin tag you need some cotton thread and a steady hand. The idea in tying off a skin tag is to deprive blood flow. You take a length of cotton thread and wrap it around the base of the skin tag tight enough to restrict blood flow. After a week or so the skin tag will turn black and fall off. 


Other variations of tying off a  skin tag include using duct tape to cover the skin tag and using apple cider vinegar to speed up the process. 


A Rough Option 


If you really can not wait the week or two for the skin tag to fall off through tying it off than you may want to consider snipping it off. This skin tag removal home remedy is not for the weak in the knees can't stand blood type. There is not a lot of blood when you snip off a skin tag but there is some and for some folks it is too much. 


The process to snip off the tag is simple. You literally just snip it off at the base it is relatively painless and is the quickest way to be done with them.  It is suggested that you sterilize the scissor or nail clipper with some alcohol just to be sure you do not infect yourself and have a band aid and some antibiotic ointment on hand. 


Which ever method you choose a skin tag removal home remedy will save you money! 





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